For nearly ten years I’ve practiced nothing but criminal law. As a criminal attorney, I’ve handled cases ranging from Driving Under the Influence, to Welfare Fraud, to Murder. From Petit Retail Theft, to Trafficking in Heroin. I’ve defended clients in both State and Federal criminal trial proceedings, and I’ve also handled appellate cases, as well as post-conviction litigation.

Misdemeanors, Felonies, Criminal Traffic, Driving Under the Influrence, Drug Charges, Violation of Probation

Having your record sealed or expunged means that the court will order your criminal record to be sealed or expunged, and therefore confidential from the public, future employers, or a public background search, with certain limitations. And, what’s more, the law allows the applicant to lawfully deny the existence of the expunged or sealed record. In theory, it’s as if it never happened. 

Do you Qualify?

  • No Prior Convictions
  • No Prior Expungement

Expungement and Sealing 101

Expungement and Sealing FAQ,s

Personal injury law provides for monetary compensation for the victims of accidents caused by negligence. Specifically, the concept of negligence is based on a duty of care owed by a person or legal entity to another person.

Alcohol-Related Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Boat Accident, Car Accident, Construction Accident, Cruise Ship Accident, Dog Bite, Falling

Merchandise Accident

Car Accidents

After being seriously injured in a car accident, you will have many questions and needs that must be met. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may spend an extended time in the hospital. You may require surgery and ongoing physical therapy along with other types of ongoing care. You may need to take an extended period away from work.

Medical bills, Lost wages, Pain and suffering, Long-term medical care

We only collect attorney’s fees if we secure compensation for you.