Areas of civil law practice include Personal Injury, Car Accidents, Restraining Orders, and Civil Traffic Infractions like speeding tickets.

Personal Injury Attorney Florida

Personal injury law provides for monetary compensation for the victims of accidents caused by negligence. Specifically, the concept of negligence is based on a duty of care owed by a person or legal entity to another person.

Tampa Car Accident Lawyers

After being seriously injured in a car accident, you will have many questions and needs that must be met. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may spend an extended time in the hospital. You may require ….

Tampa Domestic Violence Battery Attorney

An injunction—also known as a restraining order—gives a victim certain rights against his or her abuser.  In Florida, anyone who is the victim of repeat violence, dating violence, or domestic violence, can petition the…

Tampa Traffic Ticket Attorney

Getting a traffic ticket is never a fun ordeal. However, simply electing to pay the traffic ticket without challenge doesn’t make it go away. Paying a ticket like this is actually akin to admitting guilt and being convicted….