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Driving While License Suspended or Revoked:

If you or a loved one have been charged with driving on a suspended or revoked license, it is important that you contact an experienced defense attorney. An attorney can help identify and explain the consequences this charge can have on your driving history, insurance rates, and criminal record.


The Law Office of William B. Wynne, will provide you with a free consultation to discuss the specific facts of your case. However, we ask that you bring a copy of your driving record to this initial consultation. A copy of your driving record can be obtained at the Clerk of Court, the DHSMV, or a third party company for a small fee.  It’s important to have a copy of your driving record, because criminal traffic charges are cumulative in nature.  In order to effectively represent your best interests, your attorney needs to thoroughly understand your driving history and any past offenses that have been levied against you.

Driving While License Suspended WITHOUT Knowledge:

In Florida, Driving While License Suspended Without Knowledge, is a civil infraction.  However, despite what most people think, this civil infraction counts as one of the three offenses in Florida that can cause a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) Suspension.  So, if you simply elected to pay for one of these tickets without requesting a “withhold of adjudication,” then you received a conviction.  Three of these convictions within a five year period of time makes you a “Habitual Traffic Offender” under Florida Law.  On the other hand, if you do go to court and obtain a withhold of adjudication, then the charge will not count towards “Habitual Traffic Offender” status.

Driving While License Suspended WITH Knowledge:

In Florida, Driving While License Suspended With Knowledge, is a criminal offense.  However, with the help of an experienced defense attorney, it is possible to get this charge reduced to a lesser offense such as “no valid” driver’s license, or even Driving While License Suspended “Without Knowledge,” a civil infraction.

Punishment for Driving While License Suspended WITH Knowledge:

  • First Offense: Misdemeanor of the second degree
  • Second Offense: Misdemeanor of the first degree
  • Third Offense: Misdemeanor of the first degree
  • Third Offense: Felony of the third degree

If you are fortunate enough to obtain a valid driver’s license, Attorney William B. Wynne, can often go back to court, produce your license, and get the prosecutor to agree to a lesser offense, or dismiss the case altogether.

If the case goes to trial, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant 1) drove a motor vehicle on a street or highway, and 2) the defendant knew that his Florida driver’s license was suspended, canceled, or revoked.

Knowledge of the suspension can be either “actual,” or “constructive.”



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